International Conference on Local Self Government Elections

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  Shri. Jageshwar S. Saharia, State Election Commissioner,
State Election Commission, Maharashtra
Keynote Address
Theme 1: Public Ownership of Democracy
1.1 Dr. Rajas Parchure Who Owns Elections? Creating Responsive Voters and Responsible Parties
1.2 Mr. Akshay Rout Public Ownership of Democracy
1.3 Mr. Gareth Wall Promoting Democratic Local Government
1.4 Mr. Rajeev Sabade Election Process – Constant Vigilance
1.5 Mr. T.R. Raghunandan Public Ownership of Democracy
1.6 Mr. Wawan Wiraatmaja Precision Online Voter Registration with GPS Mapping
Theme 2: Misuse of Money Power
2.1 Devesh Kapur & Milan Vaishnav Costs Of Democracy
2.2 Mr P K Dash Abuse of Money Power in Municipal and Panchayat Elections and Measures to Control It
Theme 3: Inclusiveness
3.1 Erik Asplund Electoral Training and Education Facilities
3.2 K.J.S. Madhawa How to Ensure That Women, Differently Abled, Marginalized and Excluded Segments of Society are Brought into the Main Stream
3.3 Mr. Bhim Raskar Inclusion Means Leave No One Behind
Theme 4: Social Media & Fake News
4.1 Dr Moiz Haque Media Literate Users to Curb Fake News
4.2 Dr. Balsing Rajput Elections, Social Media and Cybersecurity
Theme 5: Role of Various Stakeholders
5.1 Mr. Shujau Hussain Role of stakeholders
5.2 Mrudul Nile Issues In Political Socialisation and Functionalism of Stakeholders In Local Bodies Elections in India
5.3 Mr Wawan Wiraatmaja Indonesian Regional Head Elections